Monday, 15 September 2014

After my adventure to the Emerald Downs over a year ago I finally got back out to the paddock albeit a different one. Golden Gate Fields was just as welcoming of cameras in policy but the track layout was not not as user friendly. The apron doesn't extend all the way to the corner of the track so I couldn't get any good head-on shots as the horses came around the bend. The closest point to the bend (I could have used the 500mm instead of 200mm) was also about a foot lower than the track itself making it impossible to keep the rail out of frame.

I think I missed a few shots throughout the day because I chose to shot RAW all day. I know this sounds contradictory to many because they save an exposure because it was RAW but I can't keep the "motor drive" running as long or as fast compared to shooting jpeg. And for the record everything on flickr was converted using camera settings so I didn't gain a thing; this may save me $300 on Light Room 2.

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